Divine Arbiter

Not all pacts for power are struck with the unscrupulous, evil outsiders that stalk the borders of reality. Some warlocks forge deals with a divine presence such as an angel, archon, or an actual god. These being always have a driving cause, such as vengeance, justice, retribution, or cleansing a great evil from the land. Such pacts still sell the soul of the warlock to empower them as an instrument of holy purpose, and the warlock sacrifices a portion of their free will to become a tool of whatever cause their patron embodies.
Perhaps the warlock has done this because they are truly zealous to the core, or perhaps they seek this invasive service to the divine to absolve their past sins. Possibly they even believe that they can take their patron’s power and evade them, using it as they please.
Whatever the case, the warlock has become fully infused with the holy power that service to their patron, and their divine patron expects great things from them.


The Divine Arbiter lets you choose from an expanded list of spells when you learn a warlock spell. The following spells are added to the warlock spell list for you.

Spell LevelSpells
1st Bless, Shield of Faith
2nd Augury, Warding Bond
3rd Beacon of Hope, Crusader’s Mantle
4th Aura of Life, Aura of Purity
5th Circle of Power, Dispel Good and Evil


Your patron, being the inscrutable deity that they are, provides you with an ever-growing reservoir of holy power, but dipping deep into it to help your comrades can leave you drained. Beginning at 1st level, during a short rest you can choose to expand and number of hit dice. If you do, you may distribute these dice to the other members of your party as you see fit, such that the total of dice handed out to all players equals the number of expended dice. These dice are of the same quantity as the dice you expended, but any die greater than a d6 is spend as if it were a d6.
The players you have given dice to then immediately use these dice to heal as if they had spend them themselves, rolling the dice, adding the Constitution modifiers, and applying the gained hitpoints to their total.


You are an instrument of your patron’s holy will, and you patron naturally seeks to protect their more trustworthy implements. Once you reach 6th level, you gain proficiency in Medium Armor and Shields, and can at any time as a bonus action channel your patron’s holy will into a luminescent set of any armor in which you have proficiency, as well as a matching shield, which automatically adorns you.
This armor and shield are initially magical, but if you attune to a set of magical armor or a magical shield, you may spend an hour meditating over the armor or shield to send them to your patron’s celestial realm, from where you may call them with future uses of this feature. Only one set of armor and one shield may be stored in this way, and unless otherwise stated these implements follow similar rules to the Pact of the Blade pact boon.
In addition, while you are wielding a shield you may cause it to illuminate with an inner holy radiance as a bonus action, as if you had cast the Light cantrip on it.


Upon reaching 10th level, your patron’s divine mandate grants you immunity to being Frightened. In addition, if another creature attempts to inflict the Frightened condition upon you, you may use your reaction to denounce them in a powerful, booming celestial voice. If you do, they must make a Wisdom save versus your spell save DC, and if the creature fails it becomes Frightened or, if it is immune to being Frightened, it prostrates itself, falling prone.
If the target has failed the saving throw, it repeats it at the end of each of its turns. In order for the target to recover from whichever condition this feature has imparted upon it, the target must first successfully make this saving throw.


At 14th level, you may, as a bonus action, transform your shield into a radiant disk of light and hurl it at your enemies, summoning your shield as part of this action if it is not present. Choose three different targets within 40 feet of you to each make a Dexterity saving throw against your spell save DC. A target that fails this save takes 6d6 radiant damage, and a target that succeeds takes half. In either case, all targets suffer disadvantage on the next attack roll that they make before the end of their next turn.
After throwing your shield in this way, it magically returns to your hand. This ability refreshes only with a short or long rest.

Divine Arbiter

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